The picture on the left is looking from the rumble seat at the rear axle.  The center one is the steering column from the 82 S10.  I’ve since changed it to a column shift, needed the floor space.  You can also see the trans.  I only had to modify the floor with a small diamond shaped hump about 6 inch long and 1.5 inches high.  Hardly noticeable.

I also used the swing pedal and throttle from the S10.

These pictures are of the car with the motor installed.  My brother is in the top left picture, without his help, I probably still wouldn’t have it on the road.  The Boss is in the picture on the bottom row second from the right.  She’s checking up on us.  The bottom right picture shows my brother and myself in our state of the art, highly immaculate work         environment (Mr Goodwrench never had it so good).  Oh yeah,  there is a shade tree right outside the door where most of the work actually took place.

The picture on the left is just before my first street run, notice the gas can and hose running alongside the car.  I didn’t have the tank in yet.  Ran like a charm though.  Glad the local doorshaker was off that day.

The other two are some I took after everything was together.  This all took place sometime in 2001 and 2002.

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Hotrodding the coupe

1929 Essex