This is the front end with the Dodge Omni rack and pinion unit installed.† I had to fab mounts for the rack and also steering arms for the spindles.† The tie rods had to be shortened.†

I also installed a disc brake conversion.† The calipers arenít installed yet.† In the middle picture you can see the shock mount on the axle.† It all worked out pretty good except for the bumpsteer from the rack being mounted to the crossmember.† I fixed that later with a IFS from Fatmans.

This was my first attempt at anything like this and there was a lot of trial and error.

The front axle is about 4 inches wider than the S10 rear.† But the Camaro rear axle fixed that.

I havenít found them pictures yet.† The transmission mount is a simple pipe mounted with flat bar to the frame with the trans mount bolted directly to the pipe cross member.† Itís worked great for the last five years.

The engine is a 1971 350 along with the th350 transmission from a 1971 1 ton Chevy RV Chassis.† Itís a four bolt main.† I added an Melling MTC1 cam and and Edelbrock manifold and a few other goodies, mostly for looks.† The carb in the pic is the original carb.†† I replaced it with an Edelbrock 600cfm a few months later.

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