Finally got the chassis inside so we can begin.

I replaced the original rear axle with and 82 S10 unit.  Attached to the original springs.  Had to fab spring perches and shock mounts.  It was a little narrow, not much clearance at the rear of the tire where the spring splayed out.  I remedied that later with a posi unit from a 68 Camaro.  Got a good deal on it from a mechanic at the chevy dealership in town.

The front axle is from a 1954 Chevy Pickup mounted to the original springs.  I used the Essex ubolts and the Chevy lower shock mount.  I had to fab a upper shock mount and enlarge the holes in the lower piece and the axle a little so it would fit onto the ubolts.  All minor stuff.

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Hotrodding the coupe

1929 Essex