Like I said, Iíll probably never be finished with this project,†††† But it is on the road and I drive it daily.

After moving to Arkansas I didnít have a garage to keep the car in so it sat outside under some pine trees for about a year.† Then I moved into a place surrounded by cotton fields where every year they sprayed defoliate on the cotton.† You can imagine what that does to paint and chrome.One day after about 10 years of maybe getting to drive it two or three time a year and then only after freeing up the clutch and brakes and cleaning out the carburetor,† I decided to do a little modifications on it so I could use it everyday and drive it wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.

The only modifications to the exterior are the addition of two Model A tail lights and of course the wheels and tires.† Iíve tried to keep it looking as original as possible and Iíll be keeping the same paint scheme and color.

I know some of you old car fans arenít going to like what I did to my car, but I now have a nice looking old car that I can get into and go anywhere.† Iím extremely happy with it.

Chevy 4 bolt 350 w/350 automatic from a 1971 G30 motor home; Eaton 3.08 positraction rear axle from a 1968 Camaro;† 1970 Ford PU 6 cyl radiator (fits great inside grill shell) recored with supercooler core;† In the picture it has a 1954 Chevy straight axle w/disc brake conversion.† I have since installed an IFS from Fatman Fabrications (excellent);† AC from Southen Air.† Electric wipers from Specialty Power Windows.† Got a long way to go, but itís driven daily.

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With the Fatman IFS

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