Pictures of first attempt at hotrodding the 1929 Essex Coupe

Here we are lifting the body off the frame in preparation of starting to strip it down.

I’d been looking for a suitable project to build my hotrod out of, but I couldn’t find anything

I really liked.  So I decided to do the nasty deed and build the coupe into something I could use

on a daily basis.

We’ve got the frame rolled out from under the body.  I don’t have much working room in my small shop so I built this lean-to to store the body in until we were ready to put it back on the frame.

  The snow is a rare event in south Arkansas.

The radiator in the picture is from a 1960 Ford Pickup 6 cylinder.   By trimming the mounting flanges on each side it fit perfectly into the radiator shell and mounted to the original mounting frame.  I had it recored with a

3 row ‘SuperCooler’.  I’ve never had a cooling problem.  I also had the filler neck relocated to access

under the hood.

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