My 1929 Essex Coupe from start to Ö...Oh hell, Iíll never be finished.

These were taken in 1985 by the guy I bought it from in Leroy, Kansas

I took these in 1986 after I bought it and got it home to Aliceville, Kansas

Looks right at home, doesnít it.

I didnít start taking pictures again until I had taken it apart cleaned repaired what was needed to the chassis reassembled the body, including new wood and material for the top.† This was my first paint job.† I had decided I was going to do everything myself.† I decided on a lighter color green, but I kept the original paint scheme.† I started in the wrong sequence.† I painted the black fenders and top first then the main body.† I ended up having to mask off the whole car just to paint the green band around the cab.† It didnít go too bad for my first spray job.† This was about 1988 and it didnít really start showing signs of wear until about 2002.† I used acrylic enamel with a gloss hardener.

I moved to Arkansas in 1989 and the car sat out in the weather for a couple years.† Then I finished the interior and painted the wheels to match the car.


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