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††††† Non Union Construction Workers of Americaí,,, sounds like some kind of organization, doesnít it?† Well, itís not.† Itís just an idea I came up with when I noticed all the union hands on different job sites wearing t-shirts, hats and stickers with the logo of their craft union.


†††† I thought it was about time for the non union worker to have a logo to display showing their preference for non union projects.


††††† This logo is for all the construction workers who donít need or want anyone to

represent them or tell them where and when they can work.† Itís for those that get and keep their jobs by their own resources and† their own merit.


†††† Check out the logo and let me know what you think about it.† Iíll be offering† T-shirts, hats and other items with the logo on them.† They can also be personalized.


†††† This web site is new and I havenít gotten things set up so you can order from it yet.† But if† youíre interested please email me at†† Logo@nucwa.com

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